Thứ Bảy, 7 tháng 3, 2015

Dear All Teacher and Students - Một Phần Bức Tâm Thư

Using the MASTER SPOKEN ENGLISH -FEELING PHONICS to teach traditional boring pronunciation or to teach language, you will get minimal results, that is simply a waste of time. All the emphasis must be on feeling it in the body and making a permanant change in speaking, so it becomes automatic and natural.

You should start by showing you some simple breathing, stretching, and relaxation exercies....Because students too are so locked into the old ways of learning, ie. "thinking too much instead of just doing'. Then you do one or two different phonemes from each of the 3 Energies, tonal, structural, consonant, to be sure you are getting the maximum physical energy from each discipline. 

In summary, If you use MSE- Feeling phonics the way it designed to be used, as a completely feeling- based sense-memory system you will begin amazing results pretty quickly.

Feeling phonics approach is what makes MSE differant than any other, i know that too many teachers just fall into their old habits of teaching the LISTEN AND REPEAT method, ie. "pronunciation". It's a challenge to break away old traditional Listen and Repeat methodology--It is much easier for lazy teachers to teach that way. But it wastes so much time getting little accomplished.