Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 6, 2014


The closed-minded and backward-looking teachers. They do not really know how to teach, they only know how to read from a book, write on a blackboard, and say, "Repeat after me, class", and that is not teaching, any native speaking 10-year-old could do that. They only want to keep doing the same thing that they already know, and that is easy for them.  

They do not want to expend the effort to learn how to think for themselves and use the new technologies.  Any objective person can see what I saw while training those young people--that they are very intelligent, very disciplined, and willing to concentrate and work hard, but despite many years of English training in Vietnam they still do not have the confidence to speak even one sentence of their own.  

They are already young adults, and with their best learning years already behind them, now they will never learn to be fluent in English, to get good jobs and be competitive in the world market.  The MOE and the Vietnamese teachers should be ashamed.  It is disgraceful that they have wasted the young lives of these students.  for these so-called teachers who have no imagination, no creativity, and no ability to inspire anything but fear in their unfortunate students.